The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Carnival Themed Birthday Party for Your Child

carnival themed birthday party

It’s time to make your child the star of their very own carnival! Whether you live in a city with an amusement park or not, throwing a Carnival Themed Birthday Party is easier than you think. With just one trip to the store and some creativity, you can transform your home into a magical wonderland for all their friends.

1. Start by sending out invitations that set the tone for the party

Start by sending out invitations that set the tone for the party. Carnival themed birthday part invitations are easy to make yourself. Just download a template, or create your own design, and print them out on brightly coloured paper. Be sure to include all the important information, like the date, time, and location, as well as any special instructions (like whether or not your child would like a present).

2. Decorate your home with carnival-themed items like streamers, balloons, and banners

Once you’ve sent out the invitations, it’s time to start decorating! Hang streamers and balloons in bright colours all around the room, and hang banners with fun carnival sayings like “Step right up!” or “Enter if you dare!” You can also create your own decorations by cutting out shapes from construction paper – some ideas include tents, clowns, and Ferris wheels.

3. Serve up fun carnival-themed food like hot dogs, popcorn, and cotton candy

No carnival is complete without some delicious food! Serve up classics like hot dogs and popcorn, or get creative with themed dishes like “Fruit Loop” pancakes or “Crazy Clown” pizza. Be sure to have plenty of drinks on hand, too, like soda, juice, and carnival-themed punch.

4. Play classic carnival games like ring toss, balloon darts, and duck pond

No carnival is complete without some classic games! Set up a few game stations around the room and provide all the necessary supplies. For ring toss, use empty water bottles or milk jugs as targets. For balloon darts, blow up some balloons and tie a straw to each one. And for duck pond, fill a large tub with water and cut out some small circles from cardboard to use as targets.

5. Have a giant carnival-themed cake ready for the big finish

The best part of any carnival is the cake! Serve up a giant cake that’s decorated with all the classic carnival elements, like circus animals, tents, and clowns. Your child will love blowing out the candles at their very own carnival themed birthday party!

7. Finally, don’t forget to send your guests home with party favours like carnival tickets, stickers, and tattoos!

Party favours are a must for any good carnival themed birthday party! Be sure to have plenty of carnival tickets, stickers, and tattoos on hand to send your guests home with. You can even create your own party favour bags or boxes to put them in. Just be sure to include a thank-you note with each one, letting your guests know how much you appreciate their attendance.

Bottom Line

With these tips, you’re sure to throw the carnival themed birthday party of your child’s dreams! So gather up your friends and family and get ready for a day of fun and excitement. Thanks for reading!
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